sidgau-tm.jpg Soma returned from her alms round, and after her meal, entered the woods for a noonday rest. Plunging into the depths of the woods, she sat down under a tree.

The tempter Mara, desirous of arousing fear and dread in Soma, and wishing to interrupt her concentrated meditation, said, “The goal is hard to reach, hard even for sages. It cannot be won by a woman with whatever wisdom she may have.”

Then Soma thought, “Who is this, a human or a non-human? Surely it is the evil Mara who wants to interrupt my concentrated meditation.”

Knowing that it was Mara, she said to him, “What does one’s gender matter to one whose mind is well-composed, in whom insight is functioning, and who comprehends the Dharma?”

Then the evil Mara thought, “Soma knows me,” and he vanished there and then.

source: no.5, page 82