DNA1.jpg “Yaw, did you know that Man shares identical chunks of DNA codes with animals? Monkeys, I can understand, but we have a lot in common with rats, fish and chicken. Seventy-five million years of evolution did nothing to change that.”

“…hmmm. The Japanese primitive Shinto religion is worship of animals, and the Chinese have those animal alliances depending on what year you’re born. They might just have a point in there somewhere, Mog.”

“DNA matching sequences may be one thing, Yaw, but don’t you think there’s more to this than meets the eye?”

“What do you mean, Mog?”

“Meek as a mouse, diligent as an ant, stupid as an ass, reliable as a cock, happy as a cricket, loyal as a dog, garrulous as a jay, obstinate as a mule, treacherous as a scorpion, greedy as a vulture–we share so much common characteristics with animals.”

“Then man is an animal, Mog.”

“At least certain people, Yaw… or certain races of people… or certain people of certain countries… or certain people in power in certain countries…”

“We might be going a little too far here, Mog.”

“Or a little too near the truth…”

“Junk” DNA Throws Up Precious Secrets