DSCN1760-tm.jpg  Headlines of the Sunday Morning Post (South China Morning Post publication), on 9 May 2004 in Hong Kong recounted the brutal murder of Hong Kong resident and businessman, Anton Forstenhausler in Boracay, the Philippines. He was killed along with two other prominent Europeans.

Forstenhausler had told a friend that he had seen the contents of Swiss vaults belonging to former Philippine dictator Ferdinand Marcos. He said that he had seen room after room of gold bars, gems, artefacts and money–accumulated during the dicator’s rule. The famous “missing millions” is widely believed to amount to US$13Billion.

Fronts and dummies, some of whom were foreign businessmen, were used for Marcos’s Swiss accounts so that they would be difficult to trace. But during the hasty departure from Malacañang Palace for Hawaii during the revolt now known as the EDSA Revolution, Marcos had lost documents relating to his Swiss accounts. The Philippine government has yet to recover the billions looted by Marcos during his American-backed Martial Law regime.