May 2004

Do you remember Aesop’s fable about the hawk and the pigeons? The hawk had told the pigeons that they lived a life of constant fear, but if they made him their king, he would keep them safe from any aggression.

So another one of those “Al-Qaeda to strike” warning has been issued again. There were so many of those warnings leading up to the invasion of Iraq, that Americans supported the invasion out of fear. And every gullible American went out to buy duct tape.

Now another warning is issued leading up to the Presidential elections in 159 days. All this fuelling fears of more attacks seek the support of Americans for Bush. Everybody who bought duct tape will vote for him.

Al-Qaeda would probably strike if Bush is re-elected. In fact, Al-Qaeda would strike even if he wasn’t re-elected, out of vengeance for the foreign policies of both Bushes, Rumsfeld and the whole lot. I admire anyone who wants to clean up after this mess.

And if there were a strike, they would smugly say, I told you so. But Al-Qaeda will strike, with or without the warning. Does Bush take the American people for pigeons?

US Warns Al-Qaeda Set to Attack

Washington Reactions to Latest Alerts

US Department of Homeland Security

Vote USA 2004


I have the most profound sympathy for Americans. They have dug themselves into a hole in Iraq. They cannot leave Iraq to warring tribes with oil right in the middle of it all, and they cannot stay because they are no longer welcome.

If America had gone in there to get rid of Saddam Hussein, they should have gotten out as fast as they went in and let the United Nations take over in rebuilding the country. But America did not go in there just to get rid of Saddam Hussein. Nor did America go in there to look for weapons of mass destruction. The greedy corporate-government nitwits went in there for the Oil.

I have the most profound sympathy for Americans. Not because they have dug a hole in Iraq they can’t get out of, but because America has made a special kind of enemy.

America has made enemies all over the world. I’m not talking about a nation versus nation-type of enemy. I am talking about little people like me, who have been personally affected by America’s foul manipulations. The American grenade bombings of student demonstrations and political rallies opposed to Marcos when I was at the University of the Philippines, and the torture and killing of student leaders arrested or captured during the American-backed Marcos regime, are unforgivable. Thousands of innocent people have been killed in my country as a result of America’s covert operations–which still continue up to now. But the world does not know that because the mainstream media is manipulated by America.

But unlike the Filipinos who are not a revenge-seeking people (they leave everything to God), most Arab people are. The insults and the humiliations have rallied the small people together under the Al-Qaeda umbrella–united in washing the stains of shame that America has subjected them to. Their retaliatory efforts will have tragic consequences not for America, the nation, but for the innocent Americans whose blood will spill from now.

I really have the most profound sympathy for Americans. If they would just open their eyes and realise that the natural resources of other countries–which they euphemistically refer to as “national interests”–are not theirs for the picking. If Americans would just get rid of their condescending attitude and their arrogance, they would make friends rather than enemies. But I think it’s a little too late for humility now.

Al-Qaeda Spurred On By Iraq War
US Condemned Over Human Rights Abuses

yinyang2-tm.jpg The Chinese believe that there are two principle forces of nature, the Yin and the Yang. They represent all what is opposite in the universe, and all elements in the universe possess both yin and yang. The Yang is all that is positive and masculine (the white or red in the symbol). The Yin is all that is negative and feminine.

Each of these opposites are constantly in flux: sun and rain, creation and death, light and dark, wealth and poverty, power and submission. When one is stronger than the other, disharmony results. However, one principle does not dominate forever and will change to its opposite.

Every movement in the universe gives rise to a reciprocal movement. Only when the yin and yang are in harmony can Man overcome his limitations.

The Yin and Yang

trojan-horse.jpeg Thousands of years ago, a ship arrived at a port city in Greece. On the ship was a minstrel, named Homer.

A master story-teller, a minstrel is given a place of honour in palace banquets. Two of the most famous stories that Homer recounted in song, to the accompaniment of his lyre, were the Iliad and the Odyssey. Virgil was another master story-teller, and his best-known epic poem was the Aeneid, which includes the fall of Troy.

These stories have a historical basis, and may have taken place in the 12th and 13th BC. On the day that Homer arrived, the King of that Greek city arranged a feast for everyone to listen to this wandering minstrel’s stories:

About 3,500 years ago, there was a trading port city called Troy (located in what is now Turkey). Greece had waged a war against this enclave across the Aegean sea because the son of the Trojan king, Paris, had taken Helen, the wife of Menelaus, King of Sparta (another city in Greece). (Although this is the official account, there is also the nagging possibility that beautiful Helen left old Menelaus for young Paris).

Now, the war between the Greeks and Trojans had been going on for ten years. The Trojans could not destroy the Greek ships, and the Greeks could not penetrate the fortified city of Troy.

Then Oddysseus, another Greek Cheiftain, came up with a brilliant idea. He suggested the building of a hollow wooden horse, in which Greek soldiers would hide. So they built it and gave it to the Trojans, telling them that it was a gift, an offering of peace. The Greeks then appeared to sail away on their ships, and the Trojans took to celebrating.

The entire city was in a state of inebriation and when sleep overtook them, the soldiers came out of their hiding and opened the gates for the returning Greek army. And so ended the Trojan War.

The Iliad is an epic poem containing 16,000 verses. This must have taken Homer several evenings of feasting to relate.

The Mycenaean Bronze Age

sidgau-tm.jpg Soma returned from her alms round, and after her meal, entered the woods for a noonday rest. Plunging into the depths of the woods, she sat down under a tree.

The tempter Mara, desirous of arousing fear and dread in Soma, and wishing to interrupt her concentrated meditation, said, “The goal is hard to reach, hard even for sages. It cannot be won by a woman with whatever wisdom she may have.”

Then Soma thought, “Who is this, a human or a non-human? Surely it is the evil Mara who wants to interrupt my concentrated meditation.”

Knowing that it was Mara, she said to him, “What does one’s gender matter to one whose mind is well-composed, in whom insight is functioning, and who comprehends the Dharma?”

Then the evil Mara thought, “Soma knows me,” and he vanished there and then.

source: no.5, page 82

The 1968 Student Riots: General Charles de Gaulle was a distinguished soldier in the First World War and led the French government in exile during the Second, where he inspired anti-German resistance in occupied France.

In 1968, France experienced one of the worst riots in its history. Thousands of students demonstrated in the streets of Paris and other University cities across France. Quite a number of issues were put forth by these students, among them: reforms of the “bourgeois” university system, America’s involvement in the war in Vietnam, sexual freedom and the “police state.”

One event followed another, in a momentum that grew alarmingly violent: the police occupied the Sorbonne, student leaders were arrested, students set fire to the French Stock Exchange building, the university in Nanterre was shut down, de Gaulle dissolved the National Assembly and convened a military operations headquarters, Prime Minister Pompidou ordered tanks to surround Paris, and workers decided to join the fray and aired their grievances about poor pay. Ten million workers from all across France went on strike.

On the 24th of May 1968, President de Gaulle addressed the nation. After the televised speech, riots broke out again. But eventually, students went back to class and workers returned to work. But the student riots of 1968 marked the beginning of social changes in France.

Charles de Gaulle resigned the following year when his political reforms, aimed at decentralisation, were not endorsed in a referendum. He died in 1970.

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DNA1.jpg “Yaw, did you know that Man shares identical chunks of DNA codes with animals? Monkeys, I can understand, but we have a lot in common with rats, fish and chicken. Seventy-five million years of evolution did nothing to change that.”

“…hmmm. The Japanese primitive Shinto religion is worship of animals, and the Chinese have those animal alliances depending on what year you’re born. They might just have a point in there somewhere, Mog.”

“DNA matching sequences may be one thing, Yaw, but don’t you think there’s more to this than meets the eye?”

“What do you mean, Mog?”

“Meek as a mouse, diligent as an ant, stupid as an ass, reliable as a cock, happy as a cricket, loyal as a dog, garrulous as a jay, obstinate as a mule, treacherous as a scorpion, greedy as a vulture–we share so much common characteristics with animals.”

“Then man is an animal, Mog.”

“At least certain people, Yaw… or certain races of people… or certain people of certain countries… or certain people in power in certain countries…”

“We might be going a little too far here, Mog.”

“Or a little too near the truth…”

“Junk” DNA Throws Up Precious Secrets

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