What I’m about to say is an observation that is not pretty, so skip this entry and come back another time when I am more congenial, rare though that may be.

Here I am on a visit to the Philippines where the gap between the rich and poor is so wide, it’s just mind-boggling and depressing. What can I do about it? Who am I to do something about it? I’m just one puny earth-being who feels compassion for the man I see selling newspapers or peanuts on the street. He most probably has a family to support on his little earnings he makes in a day. Or the little girls selling sampaguita flowers, walking tiny steps among moving cars–they couldn’t be more than six or eight years old.

Where’s the justice in this world? I see these little girls, and my brother and I search our pockets and buy flowers from them. We are not rich, but to those people making a living on the street, we cannot be poor.

Little gestures matter a lot to people who live on a hand-to-mouth existence. Perhaps this is the way that puny beings can help. The rich and stingy here treat the poor like something under their shoe.

If you can think of a more pragmatic approach to helping those who are far worse off than you are, do let me know.

(And if you got this far and read this entry anyway, you might just have decided to want to skip this blog altogether. Reality is something most people don’t like to hear, read nor speak about. Tsk tsk… But, hey! I understand. No one is perfect you know).

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