anthrax1-tm.jpg People who do not know what it is and how it is, usually blame everything that goes wrong on the person in charge. They never think to correct things themselves.

Let’s take the ordinary man, for example. One of the many instinctive drives he’s born with is Survival. Most of Man’s actions and behaviour are related to this instinct for self-preservation (no, I’m not talking about Procreation, but that does have something to do with Survival).

Food is scarce–Man fights for the remaining morsels of natural resources on the planet. A grumbling stomach has to be satisfied at all cost.

You have rivals in the company–one or the other will do his best to make you look incompetent in the eyes of the people you’re working for. A jealous nature is usually strong in people who have no cerebral features going for them.

Aaah, Man… It does seem difficult to be honest and considerate of others when it is in our nature to lie and grab in order to survive. Who to blame?

Now, if I were God, I would have made food in abundance. I would have made everyone so filthy rich, they would not have to fight to survive. How difficult is that for One to do, He who is perfect, omniscient and infallible?

Peer into a microscope at a slide of bacterial froth. See all those big gooks eating up the small gooks, and becoming bigger gooks? You can almost see them laughing in your eye. Phht… ha ha ha… phht.. he he he… phht.

So whether you’re Man or plouk, you really only have yourself to blame.