“Mog, do you remember the anti-Marcos demonstration that we helped organise back in our student days in Manila?”

“Oh, yes, Yaw. You were so meticulous. In those late night meetings, you made sure that everything was planned well so that the march would go smoothly. You were one great thinker and organiser. Forty thousand students came on that day.”

“But more importantly, Mog, we had the issues right. We knew what was wrong with the government, and we wanted to change things and make the country a better place to live. Corruption is such a part and parcel of Manila’s society.”

“Then something went terribly awry during the demonstration, Yaw, and you had no control over those events. Don’t blame yourself for these things that went wrong.”

“The M-26A-1 grenade bombing at Plaza Miranda was gruesome and horrendous, Mog. I can’t get the scene out of my mind. Students! We were only students, crying for change. Our only weapons were our ideals.”

“The grenades were American, weren’t they, Yaw?”

“Yes, they were, Mog… Marcos was protecting America’s commercial interests in the Philippines. The CIA presence in the country is strong.

“And there was something else that went wrong, Mog. There were other groups of students, not under our direction, who put up barricades on the streets. That did not accomplish anything, and had nothing to do with us. Their acts were useless to the cause.”

“Groups, that’s what it is, Yaw. They want to jump in the bandwagon and they create havoc, thinking they are helping the cause. They probably don’t even know what the issues are.”

“That’s what is happening in Iraq right now, Mog. That group that took the Japanese hostages will not further any cause by doing that. These young Japanese were there to help the Iraqis. They are friend not foe!”

“I don’t think they care who they are, Yaw. They were kidnapped for what they represent–Japan and its pro-American stance.”

“They could have captured some Japanese soldiers instead, Mog. Cowards, they are, for taking unarmed civilians.

“I sincerely hope that these young people will do their best to try to escape from their captors. I hope the Americans or the Japanese contingent can rescue them. And if the more intelligent Iraqi groups want to clear their image on this, they must rescue them and teach these other groups a thing or two. But all this is wishful thinking. I’m afraid they might be sacrificed and the wrath of the Japanese people will turn against Koizumi.”

“The train bombing in Spain and now the threat of burning these Japanese alive… my God. Please, we need no more examples of why the international community should not support the American hegemony.”

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