sidgau-tm.jpg Ananda passed by a well near a village and seeing Pakati, a young outcast woman, asked her for water to drink.

“But, oh monk, I am too humbly born to give you water to drink,” she replied. “Do not ask any service of me lest your holiness be contaminated, for I am of low caste.”

“I ask not for caste but for water,” Ananda said, and Pakati’s heart leapt for joy and she gave him water to drink. Ananda thanked her and went away, but she followed him at a distance.

Having heard that Ananda was a disciple of the Buddha, Pakati went to see the Enlightened One and implored, “Let me live in the place where your disciple Ananda dwells, so that I may care for him, for I love Ananda.”

The Buddha understood the emotions of her heart. “Pakati,” he said, “you do not understand your own sentiments. It is not Ananda that you love, but his kindness. Accept the kindness you have seen him practice towards you, and practice it towards others.”

source: no. 5, p. 105-106