“Yaw, how do we know that God exists? Does He exist as the Clockmaker who has put a clock together? The Universe is complex. Even DNA is extremely complex. Can we really say it just came together by accident? Or was it deliberately designed by a very intelligent Being?”

“The making of the universe and the DNA structure are still beyond Man’s intellectual capacities, and what Man does not understand, Mog, he puts in a religious perspective.”

“Then Yaw, how do we know that God does not exist? Can we believe that in the soup in which the world was made, life forms bobbed out of the pot with No-one holding the ladle?”

“If a soup of amoebas in cellular division is too difficult for you to believe, then I must say that the Clockmaker has made a hash of things with the way the world has turned out to be.”

“But is the Clockmaker to blame, Yaw? Those who believe in his existence, don’t think so. You can’t blame your parents for how you turned out to be, even though they created you.

“And there is another argument, Yaw. With most of everyone believing in God’s existence, whose interpretation is right? Is it the Catholics, the Anglicans, the Jehovah’s Witnesses? Each one of them will tell you that their interpretation is the one that’s right.”

“What a soup of an argument we’re in. No one really knows, Mog… and all this arguing is utterly useless. With our limited knowledge, can Beliefs be the answer to life’s scientific questions?”

“Aaah, the power of beliefs…”

*The “God Particle”
The Logical Problem of Evil