Nations that wish to transform their political and economic infrastructure are assaulted by the United States when these efforts do not complement the American economy. America’s military machinery is either used as a deterrent or as actual force.

Through covert operations by the CIA (by training and funding of groups), America creates conflicts in “undemocratic” countries and support “democratic” dictatorships, while exhibiting a propagandist façade of magnanimity. America’s definition of democracy is that which is pro-American in orientation, and this demands an undemocratic compliance with an American agenda.

Freedom does not mean that you are free to trample on another country’s dignity and infringe on people’s human rights. Arrogant, condescending, abusive with their power, the real threat to world peace, lacking in respect for those who try to put order and justice in place through international councils and protocols… Only a mirror held to their face will show America what they really are to the world. Unfortunately for the ordinary American, their Government parades this ugly image.

Iraqis Blame Foreign Hands for Blasts
Chavez Decries US Intervention in Venezuela (which has a vital oil industry)