Like a broken record, we hear of the lack of evidence of what many have known all along, that Iraq did not possess stockpiles of weapons of mass destruction. The decision by George W. Bush to go to war was not based on this supposed justification, but rather on another reason that those in power withhold from the public.

Saddam Hussein’s tyranny had been going on since 1979 and since that time, no one, not even the venerable United Nations, had put a stop to the madman. So why only now?

We may complacently excuse the lack of evidence for going to war in order to be rid of a tyrant–but they could have simply said that he had to be removed. But then you must also ask: Why was he kept in power for so long?

When Saddam Hussein ceased to be useful to those who hold power in the Western world, he was discarded like a rag in a bin. And therein lies the motive for going to war–now.

The question is not: Where are the weapons? But rather: What purpose did Hussein serve, that the West would turn a blind eye to his long years of abuses? Whomever or whatever he was useful for, that entity is party to Hussein’s crimes against humanity.

Blair war crimes case launched

Because the USA is not a signatory with the International Criminal Court (and neither with the Kyoto Protocol, but that’s another story), Americans cannot be tried for crimes committed against humanity.