“Yaw, did you know that Buddhists believe in an afterlife?”

“So do Christians, Mog–in Heaven, Hell and Purgatory.”

“No no, Yaw. They believe in an afterlife on Earth. When we physically die, our soul is reborn into another physical being.”

“That’s an ugly word, reincarnation, but I can believe that, Mog. There was a scientific inquiry done by some Americans showing that it does occur, not only in India but in other parts of the world. Have you ever experienced meeting some people and thinking that you’ve met them before? I think a bird once knew me…

“I was sitting outside a Starbuck’s cafe in Toranomon and a bird came and perched himself on my table and started to chirp. ‘Hey, Yaw! Fancy meeting you here!’ he seemed to say.

“I crumbled a corner of my scone and he ate it. The people around sat still and watched the bird. After he had eaten, he started to chirp again and to hop around my table. Then he paused, ‘Until next time…’ he seemed to say, then he flew away.”

“I think that’s something else, Yaw, called Jainism. So going back to what I was saying, do you know what this afterlife credence means? If the cycle of birth and re-birth can be broken by following Buddha’s Path to Enlightenment, who are going to be left to rule the Earth if they don’t know the Way?”

“Certainly not the wise nor the meek…”