“When you walk into a room full of people, Yaw, can you tell right away who are nice or mean, and self-confident or queasy? It must take a special kind of knack to be able to read people.”

“But I’m sure you could learn to read people from experience or from a book, Mog. You would need a really keen sense of observation, though.”

“And based on that power of observation, I can see right through someone’s character. His body language, his behaviour, his taste in clothes, his conversation, and the way he speaks–all this tells me if a person is sympathetic or not.”

“But don’t be too hasty with your first impressions, Mog. Some people can be purposely antagonising because they are shy. You see, aggressive and dishonest people have the annoying habit of stepping on shy people, and antagonism could be a defence mechanism.”

“You must be right, Yaw. Traumatic experience does forever change a person.”

“Personality is a complex thing, Mog. There are too many factors to consider before you can pass judgment on someone.”

“Well, if you can’t read, it’s best not to talk about something you haven’t read.”

“That would make the world a better place…”