“Whatever happened to social graces, Mog? I think I’m too old-fashioned for this day and age.”

“What do you mean, Yaw? I still hear people say good morning madame, thank you sir, please be so kind… It all comes down to what part of the social stratum they’re from, or how they have been brought up, and who their friends are, I suppose.”

“Oh, that’s fine when you’re in your own little world of family, friends and acquaintances, Mog. I’m talking about mainstream and what’s new in the world. The f-word that goes around shocks me to the very core. Is this the modern world? Mother would make us wash our mouth out with soap if we so much as said anything close to damn.”

“That stems from how people have been educated, Yaw. I’d brush them off my shoulder like passing pigeon droppings. These non-entities are obviously of poor education and deplorable family upbringing. I wouldn’t waste a minute more on contemplating how they could have survived evolution.”

“It’s annoying, all the same…”