“You know Mog, I admire the Americans for their sense of patriotism, their puritan way of life, and their disregard for their own safety when they come across someone in trouble. I also love their hilarious sense of humour. It seems so natural to them.”

“But something changed all that, I suppose?”

“I have nothing against the people of America. It’s their government that I have a bone to grind with. Theirs may be a government for the people and by the people, but a thin line separates the two. Unfortunately, terrorists can’t tell the difference between a tank and the kitchen sink, and you see them going after the sink.”

“But, many Americans can’t distinguish when someone is attacking their government or attacking them as a people. It goes both ways and this arguing becomes very unfriendly.”

“True, Mog. You’ll find Americans defending America because they think they are personally being attacked. They may not agree with their own government, but they cannot see that it is their government all along that’s being chided, and not them as a people.”

“This is where the importance of letting your voice be heard comes in, Yaw. If the majority of those who go out and vote pick a nincompoop as leader, it reflects on the people in general. So if there is any attacking going on, the people are very involved. It is the people who have chosen their leaders in government. You cannot blame everything on the government.”

“But, if there were a victory for George W. Bush in the next election, both the Americans and the international community would be in serious peril.”

“And who should be blamed for that?”