“I’m lost, Yaw.”

“Where were you going, Mog?”

“Well, I left the house this morning, wanting to go to the library. While my mind went wandering, I was blindly following my feet turning left and right, going through what appeared to be shortcuts, and I was completely lost.”

“You know Mog, alot of people are lost, just like you.”

“What do you mean, Yaw? I hope you’re not talking about religious-lost like lambs looking for their Shepherd.”

“Good, Gad! Mog! Do I look like some babbling preacher?”

“Sorry, Yaw. Why am I lost?”

“Well, did you notice Mog, how some people who have a vague sense of national identity seem not to identify with their nation nor with their adopted country? They are different from one and the other, and they feel they don’t belong to either of them. They seem lost in both social settings.”

“Heavy, Yaw…”

“Take yourself, for example. You’re born in the Philippines, educated in America and of French citizenship. You are Filipino in your skin, American in your mind and French on paper. So if you want to know your way, just answer this: Do you know where you’re going, if you don’t know where you’ve been?”