The sixth sense is an unusual power of perception and intuition. People usually talk about the sixth sense in terms of communicating with the spirit world. I am sceptical about most things, and I really don’t know if I can believe that. A movie was made about the sixth sense, starring Bruce Willis and a kid who possessed it.

It is said that we are all born with the sixth sense. It is also said that we generally don’t go about developing it. But some do, for example, my mother.

During the last December holidays as we sat around the dinner table, Mother asked us if we recalled this incident or remembered that person. Then she would proceed to tell us stories to help us recollect. I’m telling you this because Mother has related other stories before, but she told us a story of an incident that I did recall and had wondered about.

When I was a teenager, which was about a hundred months or so ago, I had gone out into the driveway to get a breath of fresh air after several hours of hard studying. There was a white van parked across the street and a man stood in the ditch, looking at something at his feet. For several nights after that, cars would suddenly stall as they passed by our house.

So during this dinner last December, Mother asked us if we recalled an incident of a dead man found in the canal across the street where we used to live. I had choked on my food trying to reply, but she went on with her story before I could.

It was a love-triangle and the jealous man had stabbed his rival in the neck and dumped him in the ditch. For several nights, Mother said, cars stalled as they passed our street. So one night, she went out and told “him” (the dead man, of course), to just stop what he was doing so that people could get some sleep around here, and would he please go where he had to go and rest in peace.

The cars did stop stalling after that. Mother doesn’t seem to have the word “fear” in her vocabulary. Apparently, this must have begun at a very young age when you could think that “talking with certain people” was “natural.” She had seen the War as a child because Japanese officers had used my grandparents’ house as headquarters. She must have seen alot of other things, too.

Postscript: Some years ago, I was at the Foreign Correspondents’ Club for dinner and in front of the small bar along the wall, Mr. S was seated comfortably reading a book. He looked quite engrossed in his book and so I didn’t disturb him. A few days later, I mentioned to someone that I saw Mr. S at the Club. He told me that he had died some months before.

When I came home, I said in a loud voice: I have absolutely no interest in seeing you people! I am easily freaked out by these things! Please don’t show yourselves to me ever again! Don’t even think of tapping my shoulder on a dark and stormy night! I am liable to throttle you!

I hope they heard me.