“There’s a Japanese proverb, Mog, that dates back to the Edo period. I don’t remember exactly how it was worded, but it exhorts one to seize opportunity when it passes by. In old Japanese art, Opportunity is depicted as an old man running by.”

“Oh, I’ve seen that painting, Yaw. It’s a strange picture. Opportunity had long hair on the front of his head, but he was completely bald at the back. I wonder what this means…”

“Seize Opportunity by the hair as he runs in front of you before he shows his bald spot. I think that’s what it means, Mog.”

“There’s nothing on a bald spot that you can hold onto, is there, Yaw?”

“An opportunity missed is an opportunity lost, Mog. This year presents new opportunities. Let’s hope to make good use of them.”