“Have you noticed the mirror in the bathroom, Yaw, how it flatters your facial features? It’s unlike the one in the hallway where every blemish, wrinkle and snot shows up. It must have something to do with the quality of the mirror.”

“That’s profound, Mog.”

“It was? So what thought-provoking deduction have you made on the subject of mirrors, Yaw?”

“Well, haven’t you noticed, Mog, how those in positions of trust are untrustworthy? Or those in positions of know-how are incapable of the responsibilities that come with their position?”

“What you’re saying, Yaw, is that reflections are misleading? Then what basis do we use in judging someone’s intentions or capabilities?”

“You mustn’t judge from outward appearances, Mog. For someone’s sincerity, you look into his family upbringing. As for someone’s capabilities, you will have to look into his educational background. But most importantly, look at the results of his words and his work.”

“I am such a naive and trusting person, Yaw. I’ll keep that in mind next time I look through someone in a mirror…”