There is something odd about the way poor people think. I am talking about the real poor who lack the wherewithal in order to survive, and the perceived poor who lack the wherewithal to live like the punks on those American telly series.

Let me mention here that there is something odd about rich people as well. You see, they never brag about how rich they are. They just assume everybody else lives as well off as they do and are honestly shocked when they realise that it’s not true. Then they become philanthropists, charity organisers, or they support the NGOs. I like to think of the rich this way, but unfortunately, there are also those who spit on the poor (you can tell a “nouveau-riche” by this trait).

Now those who really lack the financial means to survive seem to think that the world owes them the means to survive. They come to your house and take what they like, without a thought as to whether they are to be given freely or not. They simply think in their little nutshell of a brain that because you live in a nice house and have food in the fridge, that you can spare a thing or two. They begrudge you if you complain.

But those who envy the better off are not only dirt poor (according to their scale of wealth), but also very wit poor. They go around with a toothpick in their mouths, bragging about the dent on their Porsche or the crack in their jacuzzi pool. When I hear that I think: they crashed their Toyota and their bathtub sprung a leak. I find jealous people and those with no self-confidence absolutely annoying (“mal dans leur peau”, better describes it in French).

Some people have all the bad luck and I sympathise with the poor. But I do wish they would change their attitude.