“We’re good at boring subjects, aren’t we, Mog?”

“What do you want to discuss this time, Yaw?”

“Have you read the allegory of the cave in Plato’s ‘Republic’?”

“Yes, I have, Yaw. Plato tells us that man lives in a cave and only when he leaves the cave can he know more than what he knows.”

“What that means, Mog, is that man is a prisoner of his culture. Those who do not leave their niche are limited in their perceptions. The influence of other cultures is inevitable and necessary. Learn from the advanced civilisations and see what has made them what they are.

“People should keep their traditions and customs, but must also assimilate selected aspects of other cultures in order to move forward and to assume the progress made by those comprising our world community.”

“That leads us to another thought, Yaw. Men are not born equal. There will always be lesser or better people than yourself.”

“Humility is a virtue, Mog.”