“Yaw, do you remember the story about a UFO crashing at Roswell, New Mexico?”

“Wasn’t that a weather ballon found on some sheep rancher’s meadow in 1947? At least that’s what the American government said it was. Why do you ask, Mog?”

“Well it’s a vast universe out there, Yaw. I think we can safely say that somewhere in the galaxies, there is a right mix of elements to enable life. It’s hard to believe that life cannot be found anywhere else but on Earth.”

“Do you know what the Earthlings call aliens from another planet, Mog?”


“They call them Intelligent Life. There are some serious scientists probing the universe in search of intelligent life.”

“So that’s why those unidentified flying objects just whiz by our planet with nary a word to us, Yaw. They couldn’t find intelligent life down here. They must be far more advanced than we are if they have travelled this far. We’ve only been to the moon…”

“You know Mog, some people claimed to have been abducted by aliens. Perhaps after being examined by those extraterrestrials, they must have concluded that it wasn’t worth the spittle.”

“But those crop circles might have been their way of saying ‘ciao” or giving us a map to their location in the galaxies.”

“That design does look nice on a tee-shirt, huh, Mog–far more creative than a flag.”

“Poor moonies…they only have a crummy flag on their tee-shirts.”

What Does a Martian Look Like?