“You know, Yaw, I’m sure a lot of crimes can be solved by answering one very simple question. My view of the criminal justice system is not complicated, but I think the “Who done it?” investigations can be more efficient by the answering of that one question.”

“You have me on tenterhooks, Mog. So what is this mind-boggling and all-encompassing question?”

“Roll the drums, Yaw. The question is: Who benefits from the crime? You see, when a crime is committed, it is committed for a purpose. You have a case. You have the evidence. You suspect several people based on the evidence. There are plenty of red herring. There are twists and turns in the plots of the stories you hear from witnesses. Some criminals don’t always get caught because they either cover their tracks so well or pin the evidence on someone else. Then it boils down to answering that question: Who benefits from the crime?”

“One would have to be clever at deductive and inductive reasoning, Mog. Very few people are good at that.”

“True, Yaw. That’s why those criminals who pin the blame on a scapegoat rarely get caught. There are too few voices that shout: That’s not the way it happened!

“Where’s the justice in the world? The role of power and politics in the justice system can be so unfair. Those who do shout loud enough are either imprisoned or killed.”

“Aaah, the tenuous nature of man’s existence…”