When Truman signed the Act in July 1947, that created the Central Intelligence Agency, its mandate was to contain Soviet aggression. During the entire history of the CIA, the only time Russia had ever breached that line was when Breshnev ordered the invasion of Prague, and the CIA were nowhere when that happened. When the Russians invaded Afghanistan, the CIA bungled in the way they belatedly helped that country regain their freedom (the result of which we now know is Bin-Laden and Al-Qaeda). How intelligent is their intelligence network when they could not forestall, prevent or settle by diplomatic means these incursions?

So then we ask: What was the real but secret mandate of the Central Intelligence Agency? Then we see that the CIA conducted proxy wars to destablise governments and interfere in the internal affairs of other nations. We also see that they plotted and succeeded to assassinate foreign leaders whose socio-political thinking were not to America’s benefit.

So we conclude: The Central Intelligence Agency was not intended to contain the Soviet threat, but rather to protect America’s exploitation of the natural resources of other countries through terrorist acts. These commercial exploitations are euphemistically referred to as “national interests.” Protection of America’s national interests supersedes and determines all their decisions concerning international relations. America’s diplomacy demands compliance with an American agenda. To maintain their military power, the Americans use the argument that there is a threat of war. Political and social instability is to their advantage.

The Central Intelligence Agency runs independently of whoever is President of the United States. Their work has created enemies around the world for all Americans.

In the struggle for stealing the last resources of the world America justifies its military muscle by all means