It’s happening again. Bombings. America’s drive to mould the social, political and economic structures of other countries so that these conform to an American agenda is barbaric behaviour and an atrocity against civilisation. Because they want something from these countries, they destabilise these governments or reek havoc with their socio-economic infrastructures, manipulating public opinion to their side. With their virtual monopoly of the media, they engage in propaganda tactics, painting themselves as champions of freedom and liberty, as a wolf in a tuxedo.

The bombed churches in Guatemala, the handiwork of the CIA and its proxies, were found strewn with communist leaflets in order to fix the blame on communism as the cause of the instability in that country. Today it is synagogues in Istanbul and the shift of the blame will certainly be on Muslims or Al-Qaeda. “We are on your side,” the Americans will tell the Turks. What do the Americans want from Turkey? What country will be next on their bombing list?

American State Terrorism: Chronology of Terror