Corruption. What is this contemptible word? It is the abuse of trust for financial gain. It is the intentional misperformance of duty. It is the use of position for personal advantage. It exists in a society whose sense of ethics is wanting. It cripples the economy.

How does one prevent weeds from fracturing the landscape of an economy? A crime against the People and the State, corruption should be severely punished by law.

But it is ridiculous to imagine that this social cancer, this metastasised tumour can be entirely excised. But doctor it we must, or else we die.

“Yaw!” Dulmog called out. “Come out here in the garden and help me yank these weeds out!”

Abayaw came out and watched Dulmog attack the weeds with so much vehemence. “Mog,” he said, “another will take its place.”

“Oh…” Dulmog sat back on his haunches. “What should be done, then?”

“By all means attack the symptoms, but you must also treat the cause. It is the poor quality of the soil that’s to blame.”

“You mean the poor quality of life?”

“Aside from pure and simple greed, and lust for money and power, yes.”

Dulmog stood up and walked contemplatively around the garden. Dishonesty among those in public office and in private enterprise is a symptom of a much larger problem. Petty corruption becomes a Machiavellian solution for people who are not paid enough to put food on the table for large families. Where religion keeps the people ignorant about planning families, an empty stomach is a force whose actions the mind cannot speak for. But this is still a lame excuse for one’s lack of integrity.

Dulmog removed the garden gloves he was wearing, threw them down on the ground, and challenged the world: We are born in a time that requires change, and change we must: old habits, old ideas, old ways of thinking must change. Transition will inevitably bring some form of instability, so do not be reactionary. But whatever you do from now, may your personal journey of life contribute to the well-being of our fellow man.