Anything that goes wrong is almost always blamed on someone or something, and during the Cold War, it was communists and communism. But now the Cold War is over, and a new scapegoat has emerged: Al-Qaeda.

Bombings here and there, they would be fools to come out of their hiding to deny unfounded charges against them. And that’s precisely why the West are bold in making these affirmations. All this is calculated to turn the public opinion against a faceless being called Al-Qaeda.

A terror warning is issued. Has anyone bothered to ask: Why would an Arab attack a fellow-Arab? If those who issued the warning knew about what was going to happen, why didn’t they prevent it? The way it appears, the only side that looks good by these bombings are the Americans. “We are on your side,” the Americans tell the Saudis. Something terribly fishy is going on. What do the Americans want from the Saudis?

I come from a city that experienced these bombings. It was blamed on faceless beings called communists. But local investigators found what was left of M-26A-1 grenades at the horrible scene of a bombed political rally in Manila. These were not local grenades, nor were they easily found on the market to be bought by anyone who wanted them. They were bombing materials used by only one country and for their army’s use. They were American-made grenades. “We are on your side,” the Americans told the Filipinos. Aside from Japan, gullible Philippines is the most pro-American nation in Southeast Asia.

It’s happening again. Bombings. Guatemala. Chile. Philippines. Saudi Arabia. Who would benefit from worldwide instability? Are the Americans so blinded by their patriotism that they cannot see that they are the enemy?

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