“Does perfect leadership exist, Yaw?”

“There are three kinds of leadership, Mog. These are the Autocratic, the Democratic and the Free-Rein. The autocratic form can be symbolised by the relationship between parent and child. The democratic approach is where ideas are suggested, discussed and decided upon as a group. The free-rein method is where the group members manage things by themselves and the leader exercises minimal control over them.

“The three kinds of leaderships all have their positive and negative points, largely depending on the needs of the group. Each form of leadership is suitable to a certain situation.”

“I understand, Yaw. Where there is a gap between the rich and the poor, an autocratic form of leadership is suitable. The leader has to use radical means to bridge the gap. Unfortunately, this form of leadership is easily abused.

“Where there is equality in terms of social class, then a democratic leadership befits the group. A relative homogeneity in terms of language, religion, political affiliation and education should exist within the group for this to function. Unfortunately, where the majority of the group is of dubious intelligence, it is always the will of the majority that is followed.

“The free-rein method is where the leader provides direction and allows the members of the group to do their best in their own way. This works well where the members are largely individualistic. Unfortunately, this may lead to anarchy.

“Am I right on all counts, Yaw?”

“Yes, Mog, you are. It’s rather annoying though, to hear people insist on democracy as a panacea when it is inadequate to a particular group. Perfect leadership is where the form of leadership is suitable to the need and to the situation.”

“Techniques of Leadership” by Auren Uris, McGraw Hill, 1953

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