“You know, Yaw, I have always thought that smoking and drinking were personal choices we make. If I wanted to go bungie-jumping or roller-blading and I get hurt, who am I to sue the government or anybody else for not warning me about the dangers? Any consequences of these habits should be our personal responsibility.”

“So you’ve read about the outcome of that lawsuit by six Japanese smokers suffering from cancer?”

“Yes, and they lost. But can you believe the affirmations made by Japan Tobacco? They said that there is no link between smoking and cancer. Any doctor can tell you that smoking really destroys your health and aggravates the risk for cancer.”

“The tobacco industry in Japan is a monopoly held by the State, Mog. Six coughing Japanese citizens against the State… well, you know who the winner is.”

“They were also suing the State for not warning its citizens about the health risks.”

“The Coughing-Six must have been living under a rock all this time, Mog. Anybody who can read knows about the health risks of smoking. Six illiterate coughing Japanese against the State…that takes some courage.”

“The Americans succeeded in their lawsuit. What about them?”

“America allows firearms in the hands of their citizens–but wait a while, Mog. Someone is bound to sue the State for not warning them about the dangers of firearms.”

“That sounds like foggy reasoning, if you ask me.”

“Only in America…”