Dulmog was lying on the grass playing with a nest of ants. He took a twig and carefully dislodged the seed from an ant’s grip. Another ant, sensing trouble, came running to his compatriot’s rescue. He turned around to face the twig with his behind, and calmly sprayed it with formic acid. Dulmog chuckled. “Look at these ants, Yaw!”

Abayaw turned around. A trail of ants cut across them both. Abayaw observed their determined march towards a small mound of earth where they disappeared into an aperture at the top.

“Do you know what’s under that mound, Mog?”

“Ants, of course, Yaw.”

“Under it lies an organised world of a social community of ants.”

“A social community?” Dulmog queried.

Abayaw sat up to face his ignorant companion. “If you would stop a minute from running after girls, Mog, you would be less stupid,” Abayaw admonished.

“What do I need to know that I don’t already know, Yaw?”

“… these ants, for example, Mog. Ants live in organised communities, where its members are divided into three classes: the queen, the workers and the males. The only role in life of the queen is to lay eggs. The only role of the male ants is to fertilize the young queen…”

“Oh, to be an ant!” Dulmog pined.

“The male ants, after fulfilling their function, do not live long, Mog. As for the worker ants, they divide the work among themselves. Some take care of the queen, some care for the young ants, others gather food, and there are those that defend their community from harm. You see, each and every ant has a definite role to play in their society. The queen ant does not preside over the nest. Everybody does their job so that their community functions perfectly. These small insects seem to be smarter than humans.”