“Do you think they are mad fanatics, Yaw?” Dulmog asked, as they watched the demonstrations on the street led by Jose Bove. Sincerely believing that they were performing a service to their country, the demonstrators were vandalising a McDonald restaurant in Millau, south of France. Banners basically said: No to Transgenic Foods, and No to Globalisation.

“I don’t think so, Mog. Do you remember the case against Showa Denko K.K. in 1989?”

“Wasn’t that the Japanese drug maker that manufactured L-Tryptophan? If I remember well, Yaw, they used a genetically engineered bacterium in their manufacturing process that accelerated the preparation of this drug. L-Tryptophan was so popular that there were several companies manufacturing it.”

“Yes, there were several, but only that one drug maker was found to have manufactured the drug that caused brain lesions in those who took them.”

“Is there a fine line that separates food safety and acceptable risk, Yaw?”

“I would prefer a firewall between the two, Mog. Over 95% of genetically modified food products come from the US. With the possibility of mutated genes assimilating into the human organism, America could become a nation of genetic mutants.”

“That’s a scary thought, Yaw…”

“It’s a new science, the health risks of which has still to be fathomed.”

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