Abayaw and Dulmog are given names used by a mountain tribe on Luzon Island in the Philippines. They are the colourful characters from a yet to be revised novel, “Keepers of the Flame,” a story about several individuals whose lives have been traumatically transformed by the American-backed Marcos dictatorship in the Philippines. Although the ideas of some posts on the “Yaw and Mog” site come from this manuscript, my objective here is to show a perspective of a view of the world through the mad ways of politics and society.

Yaw and Mog are two people who philosophise about world affairs, religion and all subjects under the sun. You may have noticed that Yaw is serious and that Mog is naive. They both speak a lot of my own character, as I see the world in the eyes of both the thoughtful and the dumbfounded. Yaw and Mog are both looking for the point in the pointless ways of the world.