“You know, Yaw,” Dulmog said, as they sat in the park watching children play around them, “society will not consider you a good parent if you don’t bring up your children to have some sort of religious background. So you see all these churches holding catechism classes, and you have all these vulnerable tiny tots taught to believe in the existence of a good and righteous God.

“Then you grow up and see the world. You see evil and terrible things around you–and you ask yourself, but where is God’s hand in all this? Then you realise, oh my god, there is no god…”

“Religion to many is a matter of piety,” Abayaw responded, “and the majority of the pious is ignorant of its philosophy. Religion has taught people to believe that they have no responsibility for their own lives because a god predetermines their fate. So here we are, taking a leisurely stroll through life, believing that Someone up there is looking after us. The fact of the matter is, how your life turns out to be is up to you.”