Aside from the traditional spying games that all countries indulge in, the American CIA has one other job description that perhaps, no other spy agency has. This is the scenario for which the CIA operatives jump into another action: When American business interests abroad are threatened by a democratically-elected leader who intends to conduct land reform, redistribute wealth and nationalise foreign-owned industries, the CIA mobilises the opposition on behalf of American businesses. They hire, train and work with right-wing groups in order to overthrow the existing government. They use propaganda, tampered ballot boxes, extortion, and false stories in the media, torture, economic sabotage, death squads and assassinations.

A military coup then takes place, which installs a dictator. The CIA trains the dictator’s security apparatus in the fine art of interrogation, torture and murder. The victims are called left-wing names but they are simply peasants and advocates of free speech and democracy.

The CIA teaches all this at the School of the Americas (originally in Panama, it moved to Fort Benning, Georgia). Six million people have died as a result of covert operations conducted by the CIA (1987 statistics).

It is ironic that the CIA are so good at overthrowing democratic leaders, but find it impossible to overthrow dictators. They have set up such a secure police-state apparatus faithful to their dictator, that eventually it runs independently of the CIA. Pinochet of Chile, Marcos of the Philippines, Hussein of Iraq…are just a few of the more notorious people placed into power by the Americans.

The Rise of American Barbarism
(see: Silent Spring Flows for facts on which this post is based on)