DNA1.jpg “Cabbage monkey crumbs!” Dulmog exclaimed. “Yaw, did you know that humans share the same DNA sequence with cabbage, monkeys and yeast? And all this time I thought those lil’ people were just fat, ugly and jealous… But they do come from the vegetable side of the DNA structure.”

“Have you heard about Mendel’s pea garden, Mog?”

“That’s the monk who took a smooth pea and a wrinkled pea, and was able to trace several generations of smooth and wrinkled peas through combination and recombination… And how does that apply to humans, Yaw?”

“Diversity is what makes almost every human being unique through this genetic lottery, Mog. There are 8,388,608 possible combinations of the different chromosomes.”

“Wouldn’t that be great, Yaw, if the genetic scientists could line up all those genes in a shop and we could be born custom-made?”

“I’d buy some green eyes, Mog. What about you?”

“I sure could do with Einstein’s brains…”

“If you were to sell a swift kick in the butt, Mog, I know a lot of people who need that, too…”

Life is a Lottery by Tom Shakespeare