Everyone knows that journalism is about news and information. Everyone knows that the work description of a journalist is: to gather facts, interpret them, then assemble these facts and analyse them in such a way that it becomes a well-written and accurate news story. Credibility is an honour that can only be bestowed on someone who has the intellectual capacity to shrewdly analyse and interpret events. Everyone knows that most journalists do not have this capacity and they give the honourable world of journalism a bad name. Few are the numbers of true journalists.

And yet those intellectually inferior beings that can either hold a pen in one hand or type with one finger dare to call themselves journalists. You can tell by the way that they write because they never get to the point and they have no ideas of their own. The most destructive effect, on the other hand, of the intentional distortion of facts is that of serving the baseborn purpose of propaganda. You can tell by the way that it appeals to your emotions rather than to your intellect.

Disdainful of the media, is what the discerning public have become.

Operation Mockingbird: The Subversion of the Free Press by the CIA