“You know, Yaw, what the American Government lacks in the world arena of detente is an attitude of co-operation with the rest of the world. They are abhorrently arrogant and that puts everybody on the defensive. They should be more humble and a tad less condescending. They bully their demands and that makes them an object of derision.”

“I think there are two camps among the American people, Mog. There are those who agree with the policies of their present Government, and there are those who disagree. I find that those who disagree are less ignorant and more open-minded than those who agree with America’s present policies.

“They disagree because they are educated and well-read. For narrow-minded people, school education is useless knowledge. Americans may not be all bullies, but unfortunately for most of the world, they have elected a Government in their image…”

Iran willing to cooperate if US changes attitude
The Politics of Fear