“Mog, if you only knew how the secret powers control their enormous wealth. I don’t think you’ll understand this but through the IMF, they impose free-market economic policies like privatising state-owned industries, lowering trade barriers, eliminating subsidies, devaluating the country’s currency and raising interest rates in order, according to the IMF, to stimulate the business climate. But that only means raising the cost of living and killing small businesses. That wipes out the struggling poor. They even impose cuts in health, education and welfare spending. They may appear charitable, giving money here and there, but scratch at the surface and you will find underneath the IMF’s bonnet, a wolf that helps other wolves continue to live well. The IMF serves only a small number of people– those who are far from needing assistance.

“But there is a way to prevent this capitalist revolution from happening. The government should set certain economic policies putting up barriers to free trade. This way, domestic industries are safeguarded. When we shall have the wherewithal to participate in the globalisation of the market, then we will. But until that time, the people must come first.”

“I may be ignorant, but I am not a fool, Yaw. But there is one thing for sure. I am not interested in the ways of the cormorants.”

“But Mog, you have to protect what rightly belongs to you and the people. In order to do that, you have to be aware of their methods in order to better defend yourself.”

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