“The United States,” Dulmog declared, “is a country that is only 225 years old. They have no traditional civilisation. Who are the real Americans? They are the Indians. Slaughtered by cowboys, they are now a minority community in their own country. Less than one percent is all that remains of the Native American population.

“Who are the Other Americans? They are all immigrants. They came to that land in search of a better life. The invading whites being the first wave of settlers, along with kidnapped Africans sold as slaves, that country is populated exclusively of immigrants. And a majority of these white immigrants were commoners who did not pass through the fine sieve of Europe’s traditional societies.”

“But these people,” Abayaw countered, “who came as pioneers to America, may have failed to find their place in the traditional societies of their country, but it is precisely this that has made them a nation of innovative people, adaptable to contemporary conditions. They were not fettered by tradition and social class structures as the society back in their country of origin were. The modern-day American may have no ties to their roots, but among their qualities lies a hardworking and ethical character.”

“But the civilised world is being led by the nose by this young upstart, Yaw. I find their arrogance and belligerent ways abhorring. We can say something to pierce their inflated ego and humble them this way, but will no one do anything to put them in their place?”

“You won’t accomplish anything by saying these things, Mog. It will only alienate Americans already opposed to their Administration’s policies because they could take your gibe personally. As for doing something to put them in their place, I think some Arabs are trying to do just that, Mog. But there is another way–and that responsibility falls with the United Nations.”

“Yaw, if you think that some things are better left unsaid, then the sword is mightier than the pen…”

Columbus Sparked a Genocide