When Asia was emerging from colonial rule, Asians believed that their hopes and aspirations for their respective countries could develop along Socialist lines. They did not have the necessary ingredients to make a Capitalist system work. But the Americans intervened to topple the fragile scaffolding.

Interventions by the Americans make them the object of hatred by the poor and the revolutionaries. During the Vietnam War, the CIA learnt that Vietnamese were hiding in Cambodia. The American president ordered the invasion of both Cambodia and Laos, dropping half a million tons of bombs on Cambodia alone, destroying the economic infrastructure of this fragile ethnic nation.

The Americans have no respect for the sovereignty of nations that do not have the capacity to retaliate. They imposed a military dictatorship in Cambodia, the offshoot of which was the Pol Pot regime. In Laos, CIA intervention there was America’s first secret war in Southeast Asia. They also decimated the antiquated culture of that country. The CIA, together with the US military, ran Operation Phoenix, an assassination project that has killed over 40,000 Asians.

The Power of One
Pol Pot and Uncle Sam
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