“You know, Mog, everybody should have guessed this by now, but I’ll say it anyway. I think the war in Iraq is a precedent for any nation who wants to go to war against another nation without the United Nation’s mandate. They are going to go around saying: Hey! If the Americans can do it, I can do it, too. GWBush has dangerously undermined the rule of international law.”

“And look at what’s happening in Israel,” Dulmog remarked. “I wonder what percentage of the American electorate are Jews that those in power are so eager to please. The American administration’s support of Israel and their decimation of the Palestinians who are without a State seem like genocide with American indifference. The rich Jewish lobby in the US must be quite strong, Yaw. It seems the American society really does not care for those with insufficient resources.”

“The Americans, Mog, really have no respect for the sovereignty of nations that do not have the capacities to retaliate. Now you will find other nations who are either anti-American or with insufficient resources arming themselves in self-defense against the American hegemony.”

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