“I have a lot of respect for the French, Yaw. Their culture and way of life are the most civilised in the world. Their contributions to the global culture and their brilliant achievements have contributed to their country’s greatness. But they have paralysed their country with free speech.

“Demonstrating in the streets is fine–it’s a way for the people to voice their opinions to the government. But they have gone too far by walking out of their jobs in the transport, educational and other sectors of public life. Flights are cancelled, trains are delayed and teachers have absented themselves during crucial exams–jeopardising the future of the young French. They may be innovative and they may go against traditional thought, but when their government tries to seek solutions to problems that will cause a tightening of the belts, they are not willing to make that sacrifice.”

“Remember some years ago, Mog, when the Korean people did what they could to save their floundering economy? Giving their gold jewellery to melt into bullion for the government coffers was one of those things they did. They were willing to make the sacrifice.

“But free speech in China is another issue. Those Chinese bloggers put in prison for expressing their opinions on their websites is really carrying the limits of freedom too far. Extremes are never good.

“You know Mog, what if we were Chinese living in China…”

“You know Yaw, what if we were Americans living in America…”

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