“Have you heard of that fable, Yaw, written by that famous Greek, Aesop? Well anyway, I shall tell you about it. There was a hungry hawk that chased after a flock of pigeons, but no matter how fast he went after them, they always managed to scurry to safety.

“So one day the hawk decided to use deception. From a nearby tree he told them, ‘Because you live a life of constant fear, if you make me your king, I will keep you safe from any aggression.’

“The foolish pigeons believed the hawk. They made him their king as they thought that he was interested in their welfare. Once on the throne he issued a proclamation. From that day forward, he ordered that a pigeon be prepared every evening for his dinner.

“Do you know the moral of that story, Yaw?”

“Common men who vote an incompetent to power deserve their fate,” Abayaw replied.