“The Americans settle differences not with reason, but either with deleterious financial backlash or with a gun, and sometimes both,” Dulmog remarked.

“Protection of American national interests, Mog, supersedes and determines all their decisions concerning diplomacy and international relations. American diplomacy demands international compliance with an American agenda.”

“It seems to me, Yaw, that they want to prevent independent economic development because they are dependent on the natural resources of certain nations.”

“There are strong political lobbies, Mog, that make sure that their sources of income abroad are untouched by grumbling peasants. If no one approaches their dish of national interests, the bulldog remains in his kennel. The Americans use the argument that there is a threat of war–from communists to terrorists–to maintain their military power. But the war they are waging is an economic battle supported by military might.”

“Those grumbling peasants have traded their pitchforks in for something else, and they have organised themselves into very strong groups of rebels… But, Yaw, these terrorists seem to be only after the Americans and their allies–this so-called worldwide terrorism is only directed towards them. But the UN seems to be hindered in their work as an effective keeper of the peace.”

“Andre Malraux once expressed the idea that the headquarters of the United Nations should be transferred to Geneva from New York. The guest must show deference to the host–and this considerably weakens the UN status as an impartial international body.”

“The United Nations should have learnt from experience with the devastating results of a lack of leadership at the League of Nations,” Dulmog admonished.

“I think the world cannot be led by an American supremacy. They have become such an object of hatred that any intervention by them is unwelcome.”