“There seems to be a lot of rhetoric flying around about the Americans and their place in history, Yaw.”

“Well it all boils down to one of their goals of Foreign Policy, Mog, and that is to preserve their economic and political interests around the world.”

“And how have they gone about doing that?”

“There’s an Agency charged with that task. It has conducted covert operations in over twenty countries in order to destabilise these foreign governments–in plain language, these terrorist acts safeguard America’s exploitations of other nations’ natural resources. Do you remember what they did in Guatemala? Death squads, poisoned water supply, bombings here and there…They’re doing it all over again–this time creating an illusion of worldwide instability. Bombing-by-proxy is one of the tricks in their trade.”

“Why would they want to do that for, Yaw?”

“Oh, for many reasons, Mog, the major one of which is that foreign policy I just mentioned. But another possible reason, at this juncture in time, is to distract the American people from their government’s huge deficit spending, the highest inflation in 37 years, a poor economy, unemployment at about nine million people, a weak dollar to the euro and a gigantic trade shortage.”

“Why don’t the American people and the international community see through the farce, Yaw?”

“Propaganda, Mog, is an excellent camouflage. All that rhetoric flying around about the American government’s mission to save the world is all bull.”