May 2003

“Have you heard of that fable, Yaw, written by that famous Greek, Aesop? Well anyway, I shall tell you about it. There was a hungry hawk that chased after a flock of pigeons, but no matter how fast he went after them, they always managed to scurry to safety.

“So one day the hawk decided to use deception. From a nearby tree he told them, ‘Because you live a life of constant fear, if you make me your king, I will keep you safe from any aggression.’

“The foolish pigeons believed the hawk. They made him their king as they thought that he was interested in their welfare. Once on the throne he issued a proclamation. From that day forward, he ordered that a pigeon be prepared every evening for his dinner.

“Do you know the moral of that story, Yaw?”

“Common men who vote an incompetent to power deserve their fate,” Abayaw replied.


“Companies scrambling for a slice of the pie in war-torn Iraq,” Abayaw said, “reminds me of the time just after the Spanish-American war when the American government sent an emissary to the Philippines to prepare a Catalogue of natural resources of that country.”

“Unbelievable, isn’t it?” Dulmog remarked. “Did you know that American citizens were granted parity rights–equal economic rights with the Filipinos in the exploitation of their rich natural resources? The scope of those rights covered mining, timber, agriculture and public utilities. ”

“It’s happening all over again in Iraq,” Abayaw noted. “Their intentions will likely be veiled in propaganda rhetoric.”

“Yaw, what’s the world coming to when no one seems to see that what belongs to a nation, belongs rightly to its people?”

BBC: An Interview with Bianca Jagger

“Yaw, did you know that God created this huge expanse of universe and the multitude of living things on earth of diverse shapes and colours–in a matter of six puny days? God seems to work in mysterious ways…”

“Mog, if there is anything beyond your comprehension, please consult someone with a greater mind than your own.

“Based on Archbishop Ussher’s timeline, God created the universe and all living things about 6,000 years ago. The physicist Ernest Rutherford discovered a way to determine an object’s length of existence through lead-uranium ratios and radioactive-isotope measurements. A fragment of a meteorite was determined to be 4,566 million years old. Earth is at least four and a half billion years old.

“As to the creation of living things, the French, the Chevalier de Lamarck and the British, Charles Darwin, have a theory of evolution that holds compelling arguments. Man cannot be made from common soil–their DNA structures are so unalike. That Biblical story is implausible.”

“But so many people believe in the existence of a God, so it must be true,” Dulmog insisted.

“Mog, you know that that is an erroneous argument. It is a mistake to think that something must be true because so many people believe it to be true. In the time before Magellan, it was believed that the world was flat, and that one fell off the rim on the horizon. They made drawings in their books of a square earth and considered it fact.

“The truth is, the majority is not always right.”

Charles Darwin

“The Americans settle differences not with reason, but either with deleterious financial backlash or with a gun, and sometimes both,” Dulmog remarked.

“Protection of American national interests, Mog, supersedes and determines all their decisions concerning diplomacy and international relations. American diplomacy demands international compliance with an American agenda.”

“It seems to me, Yaw, that they want to prevent independent economic development because they are dependent on the natural resources of certain nations.”

“There are strong political lobbies, Mog, that make sure that their sources of income abroad are untouched by grumbling peasants. If no one approaches their dish of national interests, the bulldog remains in his kennel. The Americans use the argument that there is a threat of war–from communists to terrorists–to maintain their military power. But the war they are waging is an economic battle supported by military might.”

“Those grumbling peasants have traded their pitchforks in for something else, and they have organised themselves into very strong groups of rebels… But, Yaw, these terrorists seem to be only after the Americans and their allies–this so-called worldwide terrorism is only directed towards them. But the UN seems to be hindered in their work as an effective keeper of the peace.”

“Andre Malraux once expressed the idea that the headquarters of the United Nations should be transferred to Geneva from New York. The guest must show deference to the host–and this considerably weakens the UN status as an impartial international body.”

“The United Nations should have learnt from experience with the devastating results of a lack of leadership at the League of Nations,” Dulmog admonished.

“I think the world cannot be led by an American supremacy. They have become such an object of hatred that any intervention by them is unwelcome.”

Those Amazon women never had it so good.The first to use cavalry in military strategy, they conquered many lands in Asia Minor. They mated with the men from neighbouring tribes and kept the daughters, sending back sons to their fathers. This race of women warriors ruled while the men, whom they treated as slaves, did the household chores.

Quite a number of men are intellectually inferior to most women (a troublesome truth). Only male cretins and misogynists suppose that the kitchen is a woman’s place. Balls for brains, that’s their trouble.

Has it ever occurred to you how some people resemble animals?

Some look like koalas–
their eyes too close to the center of their face.

Some look like lions–
especially women who think that making their hair look like that make them alluring.

Horses are one of the most beautiful and elegant animals on earth–
but Man devised blinds for them so that they can only see the track.

Some people would like to resemble the horse–
but they only get as far as the blinds.

Think that one day, you will pass on to that other world…

Someone will be burdened by your untimely journey.
Someone has to make out all those forms and documents.
Someone has to go through all your papers, books and CD collection.
Someone has to throw out all your clothes, shoes, underwear and whatnots.
Someone will wish you had taken care of all these things before you left.
That someone will be happy when all this will be over.

When it will be all over,
you will just be a memory that
someone wishes to forget.

(Lead a useful life–
and someone might just remember you for it.)

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